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About us

Specialists in high-end sports cars and watches

Obvious Seduction is a car and watch dealer specialist serving the portuguese market and acting as an importer/exporter platform reaching all geographies.

Our focus is the high-end market of sports cars namely Porsche, Ferrari, McLaren, Lamborghini, and watches namely Patek Philippe, Rolex, Vacheron Constantin, Jaeger LeCoultre, among others.

Our rules


We love and dream about cars. The performance, the sounds, the feel, and perfect beauty of engineering and design at its best.


We love and dream about watches. The quality, the prestige, the feel, and perfect beauty of engineering and design at its best.


We invest in new and semi-new cars and watches of top brands. We always deliver cars and watches with factory guarantee and in perfect conditions. We aim to find state of the art cars and watches, of limited series or low production.


We only invest on solid and promising cars and watches. We advise and choose products that are potentially good investments for our clients. Our clients are able to invest on a mid and long term basis, enjoying themselves with the products acquired but also aiming to invest on a different and appreciating market.

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